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Timeline Editor

Design beautiful animations exactly how you want it

Live Preview

Try your animation
directly in Sketch

HTML Export

Share your animated prototypes with anyone

Animation Specs

Handoff live animaton specs to developers

Beautiful Animations, without leaving Sketch

Jumping between multiple tools to design UI and animation is tiring. Diya lets you stay focused by bringing a powerful timeline editor directly to Sketch.

Diya inside Sketch

Custom Easing. And bouncy-springy.

What's the point of animating, if you can't control the easing! Use our preset values when you want to move fast. Use our custom curve editor when you want precise control. Or use our spring visualizer to make things springy.

Custom Easing Curve Editor

Advanced Animations for Advanced Awesomeness

You're not limited to animating just rectangles and circles. Morph between any shape by just connecting two artboards. Check out our videos for shape animation and path animation

Animate once. Reuse again. And again. And again.

Sketch lets you create a symbol and reuse them throughout your document. Diya lets you animate those symbols. Instant reusable animation across your prototype that's perfect for UI components like switches, loaders and spinners.

Symbol Animations

Share with anyone. On any device.

Diya exports to HTML so you can easily share your animated prototypes with stakeholders. All they need is a web browser. Nothing to download. Nothing to install.

Sketch to HTML

Live Animation Specs your developers will love!

You're happy with your animations. Your stakeholders have greenlit the project. Now, how do you share this with your developers? Diya exports an interactive animation spec for developers with full details on your transitions, durations and easing values

Animation Specs

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